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Peas in a Pod
The original watercolor painting of "Peas in a Pod" is 7" x 10" and comes
matted to a finished size of 11" x 14".  This painting comes unframed in a
clear archival bag, matted in a white acid-free mat and is ready to frame
and hang in a standard size frame. The price for this painting is $
If you prefer, this image is also available as a digital print or a gift card.
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My daughter Stephanie and I
decided to grow peas for the
first time.  After picking the
pods, she kept asking me
where the peas were.  They
didn't look like the kind we get
from the grocery store.  As I
opened up the pod, her face lit
up and she told me that they
looked like they were having a
slumber party in there and we
needed to wake them up.  By
the way, they were really tasty!